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Do you want to know how often security door locks must be replaced and why? Are you looking for some answers concerning your security as an overall? Here below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about keys and locks and related matters. They will be very helpful

Should I install a safe at home?

Safe installation is always wise and helps people hide valuables very well. In addition, valuables are not only jewelry. They might be anything else you consider important; whether it is something your late mother has given or doctor documents. Our technicians just suggest installing the safe in a smart place at home and preferably in the wall so that intruders won't be able to take it.

Is it wise to keep the spare car key with me?

If you don't keep the spare auto chip key with you, it will be kind of useless. Most vehicle lockouts happen when people are in the street and so the spare key comes handy. The main thing is to remember NOT to leave it in the car or it will be stolen along with your car and won't be of any use when locked out. Keep it somewhere safe on you.


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